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Spring 2024: 8 kitchen trends that are all the rage

As the scent of the first tulips comes wafting into our kitchens on the breeze, spring also brings fresh new kitchen trends. Whether you’re making big or small changes to yours, check out this guide for new kitchen ideas and inspirations.

Photo : Edward George London

Counters and materials: Dekton, natural stone and wood

An antibacterial composite that’s perfect for counters, Dekton is offered in a wide variety of colours, patterns and finishes. Easy to maintain and super durable, it can take pretty much everything that a kitchen can throw on it. It’s no wonder that it’s been so popular in recent years! Natural stone is also fashionable this spring, while natural-toned wood simply never goes out of style. Light tones are currently the rage, but if you prefer to stay darker, you can remain on-trend by playing with paler colour contrasts.

Photo : Habitus living


Textures: time for some fun

Relief is certainly standing out this spring: prints, patterns, wavy ceramics and stylishly aged looks are bringing our kitchens alive. When it comes to textural effects, give your fantasies free rein by alternating relief with smooth surfaces.

Colours: finding inspiration in vintage

Pure whites and saturated tones are on their way out, as this spring favours pretty, more old fashioned, ashy, deep colours – ochre, apricot, terracotta, ice blue, sage green – or warm neutrals like sage or greige. If you feel like changing things up without jumping into a big project, make a few simple kitchen design tweaks with linens and accessories.


Mini or maxi: go for extremes

No half-measures this spring! Refined minimalism or confident maximalism: choose your position and make no compromises on your style. For minimalists, get back to the basics with decors that are uncluttered, sober, soothing and bright, all while paying close attention to the detail. At the other end of the spectrum, maximalists are playing audaciously with colours, shapes and patterns that are eclectic, uninhibited, a little kitsch and super playful.

Photo : Edward George London



Speaking of minimalism, Japandi – a meeting of Scandinavian style and Japanese zen – is still going strong in kitchens. We still have a weakness for this refined style that honours natural materials and gives pride of place to wood and natural stone for a soothing, serene ambience.

Photo : Edward George London


Open or closed?

Sliding or retractable doors are in this season. They allow you to create a discreet partition that separates the kitchen or opens to it to suit your needs at the time. To make it all cohesive with the neighbouring rooms, you can maintain a theme, for example, by using the same colour or type of metal in the two spaces.

Photo : Behance


Chill breakfasts

Everybody adores breakfast nooks that provide all you need to wake up on the right foot: a practical way to organise even the busiest mornings. Why not consider an open, inspiring space that’s finished in natural stone? Otherwise, you can keep the nook out of sight with doors for a refined finish.

Photo : Habitus living


Out of sight, out of mind

If you’d like to save space in your kitchen, consider appliances that are built-in or tucked away behind doors or walls. Flexible, ergonomic wall ovens and hobs, counter-depth refrigerators, and dishwashers integrated into cabinets add up to a more pleasing, functional kitchen with a uniform, refined look.

Photo : Edward George London


Brighten the dark corners

For well-lit work surfaces and a pleasant cooking experience at any time of day, consider lighting them from under the upper cabinets. Elegant and discreet, this lighting comes in spots, bars or light strips. Some models have movement detectors that make daily life more convenient. For example, they can light your way when you come in bleary eyed for a midnight snack.

Photo : Edward George London