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For a pro-designed, bistro-style kitchen

Do you dream of giving your kitchen a relaxed yet classy vibe like an elegant Parisian bistro or a charming little corner café? Then you’re in luck! After a hiatus of a few years, the bistro look is back on the scene. Follow this guide to design a warm and stylish kitchen of your own.


Colour comes first

When it comes to the walls, white and brick are the best bets for a backdrop that allows the all-important details and accessories to stand out. Choose accessories in black or rich, dark colours and materials like solid wood or metals in dark shades. If you have the confidence, dare to design with dynamic reds to replicate a real City of Light bistro. The bottom line: bistro style is all about solid, raw, no-frills materials.


In plain sight

When we say raw is the key to a bistro ambience, we mean exposed beams and ceiling ducts in plain sight, along with open shelves that display dishware and decorative objects. Don’t overload the space though! A few carefully chosen pieces will have a more balanced effect and leave breathing room. If you want to push the rustic feel to the limit, consider installing an apron-front farmhouse sink.


It’s all about the accessories

Because some of your dishware will be displayed, its essential that it rises to the occasion. Choose simple, pure white porcelain, and add a few pieces in slate if you’d like some variation. And why not throw in a collection of adorable vintage glasses, either lined up on the shelves by category or suspended upside down?


Play up the light in your corner bar by using strip lights to showcase your bottles and glassware, then add mirrors to amplify the effect. Choose retro or industrial metal pendant lights to add character to the space above your cooking area.


When it comes to fabrics, choose natural, neutral materials like linen or gingham fabric, or go for some other checkered pattern. You could also add a few leather accessories to give your kitchen even more personality.


These are just a small sample of accessory options that can add bistro style to your kitchen, so have fun shopping around! Look for authentic café stools, decorative appliances like a colourful, retro Smeg fridge, and rummage through flea markets to find vintage objects and metal accessories, perhaps even a blackboard or an old sign. A bistro-style kitchen gives you the chance to really express yourself to your guests!