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Everything in the right place: practical kitchen accessories

When you’re planning your kitchen layout, there’s a huge choice of innovative, well-designed, accessories that can be integrated to get the maximum potential out of the space. Think ahead and consider the present and future uses for your kitchen as well as the habits and preferences of everybody who gathers in the heart of your home.

You’ll want to come up with the right recipe for a practical kitchen that will continue to fulfill your needs through the years. Our kitchen accessory ideas can not only maximize your space, but also make your daily life easier.

Max out the corners

To optimize your kitchen space, there’s nothing like reclaiming its corners. Plenty of accessories have been cleverly designed to boost your kitchen ergonomy — to up to 80% of the corner space. With their sliding mechanisms, Magic Corner shelves from Miralis help you use it all. In a hinged-door cabinet corner, for example, baskets that swivel and slide allow you to bring every centimetre of storage within easy reach.

Dream up a cocktail or coffee bar

Are you a barista or mixologist at heart?

Set out a café corner with everything you need to prepare your cappuccinos, or a corner bar with the essentials at hand to mix up your signature cocktail. Make your kitchen your own so that you can play gracious host to guests and family.

Drawers that are easy to draw

Drawers are essential to well-designed storage and more complex than you might think. For example, they usually come with shock absorber mechanisms that keep them from banging when you shut them. A wide variety of mechanisms offer a smooth draw and keep the kitchen quiet. Choose from sliding drawers to store your spices or hidden drawers to maximize space: they’re key to keeping everything in the right place.

Well-organized storage

To find things easily and protect your cooking equipment, there’s a ton of super-handy accessories to complement your cabinets and drawers. With the right choices, you’ll save time and even add to peace of mind. Knife racks, pot-and-pan dividers or drawer separators: the right accessories ensure that you’ll no longer get caught fumbling through avalanches of plastic plates!

Sort the waste, recycling and compost

Waste-sorting systems are super practical solutions to discreetly integrate the three bins into your kitchen without sacrificing on ergonomy. Depending on your space or preferences, you can go for a sliding or swiveling garbage can, a drawer for compost, a recessed pass-through, or even a garbage can with integrated bins for recycling and composting.

Spice up your kitchen convenience

Every chef appreciates the convenience of reaching out to grab the saffron or marjoram when needed. But it’s so easy to clutter up the spice area over time! Doubles of spice bags, elastics, cracked containers, missing labels: it all adds up. You’ll be impressed with the storage solutions that have been dreamed up to eliminate mismatched containers and bring clarity and harmony to your cooking.

Let there be light

Too often overlooked, the lighting under the cabinets is a minor detail of major importance. Strip or tape lights under the cupboards complement the room’s other light sources and make all your kitchen tasks easier. There’s even progressive lighting that automatically turns on at the right spot when you need it.

Find your flow

You may want to consider touch faucets, which have integrated sensors that let you control the water with a gentle touch. They are trustier than touchless faucets, which don’t respond as consistently. Other elements to consider are retractable shower heads, proper faucet height and variable jet intensity. They can make daily life easier — and even make doing the dishes a little more pleasant.

Appliances and induction cooktops

As a general rule, your appliances should be selected in advance with the designer when planning out the kitchen. You’ll want to consider ergonomy and energy consumption to make the ideal choices, after which everything else will fall into harmony. And why not add an induction cooktop to your kitchen arsenal? They’re not only more practical and efficient, their sleek looks makes them an artful choice.

Whatever your preferences and needs, your Groupe 3R representative will be pleased to help you create an adapted, personalized space that’s practical, streamlined and beautiful.