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For a Kitchen That Mixes Styles

So you’re about to redo your kitchen and you’re fond of both a contemporary vibe and the warmer ambience of wood? You’d like a “farmhouse” touch, but you want the look to last a long time? The solution to your dilemma may in fact be a fusion of styles. You can borrow a few favourite touches from each trend you like without going all in on one. 

In renovation, mixing styles is often a question of the details: choosing the handles and backsplash, adding ceramics, wallpaper or even settling on the colour of the mouldings. Sometimes we forget that simple things like a counter pattern or the use of concrete squares can give plenty of personality to a room.


Keep harmony in the decor

Before thinking about transforming your kitchen, you need to consider the surrounding environment in order to maintain the harmony, especially if you want to elegantly integrate an open kitchen with the rest of the home. If your kitchen is closed, of course, you’ll have more leeway, as the look won’t be visible from the other rooms. You could even push the envelope and style up an entirely different look for the kitchen.


The major trends

People often mistakenly think that kitchen style is the result only of the materials used. But form and shape are just as important. Clean, straight lines immediately give a more contemporary feel, while chunkier forms, like thick counters and corbels give a classic ambience, and shaker-style doors with relief that imitates a frame give a farmhouse or transitional look.

Classic, contemporary and transitional kitchens are both trendy and timeless – three looks that are here to stay. And the good news is that it’s actually possible to cherry-pick elements from different styles and mix them to create your very own look.


What about ergonomy?

A change in decor is the perfect opportunity to review and optimize the kitchen’s ergonomy. If your kitchen needs have changed over the years, now’s the time to lay out a more functional configuration that’s adapted to your current needs.


It’s all in the details

Is it possible to change up the look without starting again from scratch? Of course it is! Add a touch of colour to warm up a neutral-toned room, or throw a few accessories in natural materials like wood or jute into a modern kitchen design — these are small novelty elements that will transform the atmosphere and decor without requiring any permanent changes.