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Wood, quartz, lacquer: what’s the best choice for your kitchen?

As the heart of the home, your kitchen is a living space where design and functionality go together. You want to choose the right materials not only for your taste, but for the practical advantages they offer. Your kitchen space should foster family time, offer well-being and work like a well-oiled machine.

 To help you design your kitchen, here’s an overview of the most popular materials for countertops and cabinets. Nothing beats personalized support, though. You can count on our professionals to take your plans and preferences into account and help you make informed decisions.

Wood: warm and timeless

Strong, long lasting and available in a wide choice of species and finishes, wood is easy to repair and holds up to scratches and the wear of time. With our partner Miralis, we even offer exotic wood varieties on request. Keep in mind, however, that wood requires special cleaning products and is sensitive to light and humidity.


FENIX: compact and resistant

Composed of paper and thermosetting resins and made using a simultaneous heating and pressure process, FENIX is a very opaque, non-porous material. Humidity poses no threat, and it withstands scratches, abrasion, heat and light. It’s so easy to maintain that its surface finish is anti-fingerprint! This material, however, is more expensive.

Quartz: a very popular classic

Less porous than granite or marble, quartz is durable and resistant to scratches, stains and bacteria, plus it comes in a wide range of colours and patterns. One drawback to consider though is that it’s vulnerable to thermal shocks.

Dekton: ultra-compact

A material created by Cosentino from a mix of glass, porcelain, quartz and resin, Dekton is easy to maintain and stands up to stains, scratches, high temperatures, thermal shock, cracks and water. Offered in a wide variety of colours, patterns and finishes, this top-of-the-line material costs a little more.

Laminate: versatile and durable

A very popular, affordable material, laminate comes in a wide range of solid colours and realistic wood textures. Easy to maintain, it resists stains and scratches well, and unlike wood, it doesn’t change colour over time. On the other hand, the choice of cabinet doors is limited.

Lacquered or MDF lacquered wood: highly customizable

Made from fibres and compressed wood, lacquered wood is affordable and highly adaptable to any style thanks to its versatile choice of finishes and custom colours. Smooth and uniform, it’s super resistant to cracking, but more vulnerable to scratches.

Similacquer: solid and resistant

Offered in mat or glossy finish and several colours, Similaquer is a high-quality fusion of materials, including MDF wood. Resistant to humidity, abrasion and light, it’s easy to maintain and practically impossible to scratch. However, the choice of cabinet models is not as broad as with most other materials.

Choosing the right materials for your kitchen comes after you’ve settled on its design. During the planning phase, you’ll have the time to discover materials and get recommendations to help you decide. What’s more, with an advisor to guide you, you’ll be sure to make the right choice and jump into your project with the confidence that it will last. Whatever step you’re at in dreaming up your future kitchen, the professionals at Le Groupe 3R are here to guide and inspire you.